road bikes

The flagship of the Specialized line, you won't find a smoother, quicker road machine than this. Considered the go to bike of pro's, weekend racers, and recreational warriors world wide, you can't go wrong with this beauty.

specialized tarmac

If you combine the highest technology available in cycling with the theme song from the Dukes of Hazard, you get the Roubaix. Designed to straighten the curves and flatten the hills, it also absorbs the bumps with its patented future shock headset. Smooth redefined.

specialized roubaix

Pro level ride at the entry level price. If you are ready to get out and explore all that Indiana has to offer, this bike will get it done and more. Light, nimble, and fast. Oh so fast.

specialized allez

Aerodynamic. redefined. The Venge is all carbon, and slices through the wind effortlessly. In the Midwest, it's been known to be breezy from time to time, so any advantage you can gain is a huge deal.

specialized venge