mountain bikes

If you're ready to take your trail riding to the next level, let us introduce you to your new friend, the Rockhopper. We built it to be light, durable, and exceedingly capable.

specialized rockhopper

The Stumpjumper is the standard all other mountain bikes are compared to. Full suspension to handle every air, jump, bump, and log you can through at it. Comfortable and aggressive all at the same time.

specialized stumpjumper

Four and a half inches of grin inducing fun. Snow? No problem. Sand? Bring it on. Sunny dirt trail in brown county? Hammer it like a monster truck. The go anywhere and get attention doing it bike.


You like fat tires, but really like flying down trails and climbing with your friends too. You don't want all of the squish of a full sprung ride, but a little give in the front is nice from time to time. The Fuse is the hammer you can actually pick up and throw.

specialized fuse

Nothing quite beats the thrill of mountain biking, and the Pitch is the perfect way to get introduced to the feeling. Its hardtail design makes climbing a breeze, while also making descending an agile, fun-filled affair.

specialized pitch